Your ancestors are being awoken by dark merchants. They are crawling out from inside your chest because they have heard and cannot ignore the drum. They are being pelted and baptized by a voice of metal rain. They are being called out by the restless natives of a dark future. They are being initiated into a Galaxy of Tar. A reverberating bass line (Samuel Fernandez) shapes their new bloodlines. It pushes through the dead skin, thumping a pulse out of dried veins. The guitar; torn aluminum (Nemanja Rebic) shocks their heart into new palpitations and scrapes the skin like sharp licks through a chaos. Properly and evenly scarred the drum pushes their new palpitations into a new rhythm. Drums that are simultaneously a driving force and a shield. Drums that co-founding member Elias Diaz has developed out of a fabric of influence from his Dominican Republic and musical rebirth in New York. The native voice, the tar poetic, the unkneeling pneuma of co-founding member Naima Mora guides the reborn through this galaxy of metals, industry, and rhythm. Galaxy of Tar is the second initiative for the Diaz/Mora pair. A wiser more assertive and musically rounded project than their previous group; Chewing Pics. Though aggressive and hard hitting the musical finesse is not lost. The voice and poetry of Mora is as strong and textured as Diaz's soundscape, creating a balance of unrelenting energy and painful grace. This is a music that evokes the deadened spirit inside you that has been put to sleep by the beige and nice ways of pretending to get along. A music meant to rebirth that long held person within who prematurely went home before the fight was over. Brooklyn, NY is the backdrop for the collective voice of the unruly natives whose sound inherently matches the town's character. The group is currently performing live throughout New York and touring the US. Spirits and images, shreds of music old and new, passion, pain, vulnerability and strength become the amalgamation that is Galaxy of Tar; something you won't soon be able to ignore. -Christopher Longoria