Jack Lopezz

City: Sao Paulo

Age: 13-17

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Favorite Genre: Alternative

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  • 2010-11-03: Hey dudes! Probably you don't know the brazilian metal band Anthares. That band was formed in 1985 and exists until nowadays. Check it: Release: "Formed in the São Paulo city by a group of friends playing in the beginning cover versions, Anthares became a reality in 1985, when the first line-up was set up with Evandro Júnior on drums and Pardal on bass (being these two the only original members today on the band), Cristian and Zé Aranha on guitars and local Metal legendary singer Henrique “Poço”. With the band name taken from a star of the Scorpio constellation the band starts to write their own tunes with social awareness lyrics, warning the listener to all problems like social violence, wars, the nuclear nightmare, dictatorships and paranoia. The first Anthares show was in July 1985, more concerts followed including one with Black Metal legends Sarcófago for 1800 people in 1987! On December of the same year, “No Limite da Força” comes out released. The band gave shows all the year of 1988, while many reviews in magazines and fanzines featured rave reviews for “No Limite da Força” and radio interviews were given to support the promotion of the album. 1988 and 89 were also the years of legendary shows with other cult acts from Brazil such as Sepultura, Dorsal Atlântica, R.D.P., Korzus, MX, etc. 1989 was also the year Cristian left the band to live in Chile, which was his birthplace. Replacing him, came Topperman who played in the first line-up of Korzus. A few months after, it was Henrique “Poço” who left because of divergences with the producer for the supposed second album. It was the end of a cycle of glory. In 1991 Aranha gave his place to Maurício (ex-Megaforce). And just in the end of 1991 they found an appropriate singer: Renato. The band started to write new material sung in english to try to reach the international market. The band recorded two demos in 1993 and 95: The style was a bit different from the rawer Speed/Thrash from the beginning. They were more influenced this time by the early 90’s Bay Area Thrash scene. In 1996, the personal pursuits of each of the band members make the band split up. Until 2004, the idea of putting Anthares back on track was never forgotten. Frank decided to invite the other Anthares members for a special show in June 2004. Renato living in the U.S., it was impossible for him, so Frank himself joined the band along with Evandro Júnior, Pardal, Topperman and Maurício. During the years 2005 and 2006 the band played some shows, but the band got back on track with the addition of new vocalist Diego only at the end of 2008. Bringing new songs with a fresh musical direction contrasting heavyness and technical ability, Anthares are back singing again in Portuguese language, maintaining the old roots of the band mixed up with it’s new destructive aggressiveness. LONG LIVE ANTHARES!" Cheers! Jack Lopezz
  • 2010-10-30: Hey dudes! Once more!! Good luck!
  • 2010-10-24: Jack Lopezz con EDC en Mexico!

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